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A Stitch In Time Accessories by
A Stitch In Time Accessories

A Stitch In Time Quilt by
A Stitch In Time Quilt

Adeline by

All Around Town by
All Around Town

Ambrosia by

Angelica by

Arabella by

Barnyard Boogie Quilt #1 by
Barnyard Boogie Quilt #1

Barnyard Boogie Quilt #2 by
Barnyard Boogie Quilt #2

Beach Party Bag by
Beach Party Bag

Beach Party Quilt by
Beach Party Quilt

Bellagio by

Bonita Quilt - Mixed Color by
Bonita Quilt - Mixed Color

Bonita Quilt - Single Color by
Bonita Quilt - Single Color

Bugaboo by

Bugsters by

Catalina by

Color Me Happy by
Color Me Happy

Cowboy Up by
Cowboy Up

Forest Friends Quilt by
Forest Friends Quilt

Geoflow by

Gone Fishing by
Gone Fishing

Gramercy by

Hedgehog Haven by
Hedgehog Haven

Hello Foxy by
Hello Foxy

Home Plate by
Home Plate

Hoot Loves You by
Hoot Loves You

Jezebel by

Le Cirque by
Le Cirque

Marrakesh by

Mosaic Garden by
Mosaic Garden

Mystique by

Ocean View by
Ocean View

Oceans of Fun Bag by
Oceans of Fun Bag

Oceans of Fun Quilt by
Oceans of Fun Quilt

Ornamental Christmas Throw by
Ornamental Christmas Throw

Ornamental Christmas Wall Hanging by
Ornamental Christmas Wall Hanging

Paradiso by

Penny Lane by
Penny Lane

Priscilla by

Radiant II by
Radiant II

Sakura by

Samsara by

Serengeti Bag by
Serengeti Bag

Serengeti Quilt by
Serengeti Quilt

Sewing Kit by
Sewing Kit

Snowscapes Quilt 1 by
Snowscapes Quilt 1

Snowscapes Quilt 2 by
Snowscapes Quilt 2

Spooktacular Panel by
Spooktacular Panel

Spooktacular Pieced Quilt by
Spooktacular Pieced Quilt

Western Album by
Western Album

Wild Thing Quilt and Tote by
Wild Thing Quilt and Tote

PROJECTS DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to ensure that all projects are error free. All the information is presented in good faith, however no warranty can be given nor results guaranteed as we have no control over the execution of instructions. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for the use of this information or damages that may occur as a result. When errors are brought to our attention, we make every effort to correct and post a revision as soon as possible. Please make sure to check for pattern updates prior to starting the project. We also recommend that you test the project prior to cutting for kits. Finally, all free projects are intended to remain free to you and are not for resale.

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