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Nutshell Designs celebrates the values of a close knit family through the art of Ingrid Slyder. She and her husband Duane run Nutshell Designs from their home in Richmond, Va., and Ingrid's two sisters help bring her art to market. Ingrid and Duane’s two grown children can frequently be found hanging out in the office, contributing to the family business by offering unsolicited critiques of their mother's work. Luckily mom has a sense of humor.

Art has always been part of Ingrid's life - encouraged by a mother who enthusiastically praised even her most primitive efforts. In college, she minored in fine arts at James Madison University. As a water colorist, Ingrid's style is playful. She finds inspiration in her garden, her childhood memories, and any interesting objects that she discovers sitting around her house. She particularly enjoys painting people and animals. She has fun with needlework, growing a fairy garden on her deck, collecting pottery, and wrapping presents. Her mother is still her biggest fan and continues to post Ingrid's art on her refrigerator with magnets.

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