The Blank Quilting Corporation

Order Policies

  • Customers must provide us with an official resale certificate form from their state and fill out Form ST-120 (download or we can email it to you) to be eligible to do business with The Blank Quilting Corporation.
  • Blank Quilting Corporation has a 5 piece minimum order per delivery.
  • The minimum on reorders is 3 pieces.
  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • Please contact us about obtaining credit terms with The Blank Quilting Corporation. Please be prepared to give credit references and bank details.
  • We charge 15 cents per yard for drop shipments.
  • Please make sure to let your salesperson know if you have any special delivery instructions.
  • We charge a 25% restocking fee on all returned items based on the total cost of your invoice.
  • We reserve the right to change our prices at any time during the year provided we give reasonable notice. Increases may be based on cotton increases, labor increases, shipping increases, gas/oil increases, etc.
  • For inquiries about existing orders, contact Customer Service at 800-294-9495 x 245 or email us.


Every effort has been made to ensure that all projects are error free. All the information is presented in good faith, however no warranty can be given nor results guaranteed as we have no control over the execution of instructions. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for the use of this information or damages that may occur as a result. When errors are brought to our attention, we make every effort to correct and post a revision as soon as possible. Please make sure to check website for pattern updates prior to starting the project. We also recommend that you test the project prior to cutting for kits. Finally, all free projects are intended to remain free to you and are not for resale.

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