Rock Candy Giveaway


Exciting news!  We are giving away two 18 x 21 quarter cut bundles of our discontinued Rock Candy line to one lucky winner!  To enter this giveaway, all you must do is comment this post telling us what you would make with this fabric. If you like Blank Quilting on Facebook, you might find other chances to enter to win.  We will announce the winner on our Facebook page next Monday. Good luck and don’t forget to tell your friends!

*Contest ends March 2nd at 8:00 am EST. Open to US residents only.*


Rock Candy


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Does Anyone Get Me?

We are still working on our social media plans for The Blank Quilting Corp. (blogs, facebook, instagram, etc.).  So in the meantime, I thought I would step in and take a couple minutes to write a blog about me, so that you all can get to know and understand me (the new Blank Quilting Corp. President) better.  The truth is that what I really want to talk about is what it is like for me, a New Yorker, dealing with everyone else in the fabric world who isn’t a New Yorker. 

So I was thinking last night about how people don’t always get me as a New Yorker, or a Yankee as some like to call me.  Every once in awhile I get a customer on the phone and we either just can’t connect or I feel that the customer gets defensive because they don’t always get the New York attitude.  The truth is that I am really trying to be nice, but I guess everyone has their own interpretation of nice.  In addition, sometimes when I write emails, people totally misinterpret what I say or think that I am short with a one word answer.   Sometimes a one word answer is just appropriate, so don’t be insulted if there aren’t tons of pleasantries….I am a busy guy.  So I got to wondering some more about my interactions with customers, reps and co-workers.  

I was wondering about a couple of things:
1.  Do they understand everything that I am saying?  Can they follow my quick paced twang?  Or do they only absorb half or less of what I say because I talk so fast?  I hope that these phone calls aren’t ending with the person that I am talking to wondering….what just happened?  
2.  Do they get my sarcasm when I make jokes?
3.  Do I offend them with my New York talk?  The answer to that is yes, as I have had to apologize on a couple of occasions already, but I am a big boy and have no problem apologizing when I am wrong. I will continue to try to do better every day.

The long and the short of it is that I am who I am.  So if you call me up, please know that I try my best to be a good and kind person to everyone I deal with, but maybe people just don’t get me.  I am also trying to please my customers.  Who really knows?  Now that I got that of my chest, I can go home and yell at my wife and kids and curse everyone I see on the way……just kidding folks!  Thanks for reading and being a customer of the various companies I am involved with.  I hope you got a laugh out of this and have an easier time dealing with me and my brethren New Yorkers in the future.  

Tea Towels By Annemieke York

Our sales representative, Annemieke York, is guest posting today on the Blank blog to share with you all her adorable tea towels.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not but the company I work for was bought out in July by a new company.

For those of you that don’t know I am a fabric sales representative and have the honor of visiting quilt shops encouraging them to buy the fabric for the company I represent. 
Before the sale I represented one line of fabric and now I have three.
Along with the buyout came a President that is very much present and involved and there are now weekly conference calls.  Our main headquarters are in New York so these conference calls are rather early. 7:00 a.m. for me on the west coast…I am not a morning person, especially at 7:00 a.m., but I am a team player. Plus, Jim gets up at 6:30 and can I also say naps are GOOD. 
Last week Scott, our president, shared the idea we should bring a little something at each appointment.  He liked the idea of coffee or doughnuts, but one of the reps mentioned she embellished tea towels for her shops. I like to make mug rugs and leave at shops I don’t have appointments at as a way to introduce myself which have my business card attached.


I also have made a few shop samples of bags for some of my stores but I don’t normally leave a little something at every shop I visit. Today I focused on making tea towels using this great tutorial by Lil Luna. 


Of course I might have done a little bit of tweeking. From three  1/8″ cut of fabrics you are able to make two tea towels. You can also use three fat quarters and make 4 tea towels. I cut 4″ the width of the fabric to make two tea towels. Since each purchased tea towel is unique I waited to trim. I bought my tea towels at Tuesday Morning and TJMaxx and the cost per towel was about $2.00 each.



Once you sew your strips together you can trim them 1/2″ from the edges before sewing.



I  turned in the top and bottom 1/2″ and sewed rather then 1/4″ twice.


I also stitched in the ditch down the center seam.





I made 14 embellished tea towels today. I am ready to hit the road this upcoming week and start showing our fabric lines!

Row by Row

2015 Row by Row Experience Fabric Promo

Guest Blog by Veronica Hofman-Ortega


Blank’s blenders go with the flow for 2015 water-themed rows.

If you participated in the 2014 Row by Row Experience this past summer, you know what an incredibly successful Shop Hop event it was for quilters and quilt shops across the country. With the announcement at Fall Quilt Market of the 2015 Row by Row theme—“Water”—we know you’ve already visualized your row or doodled design ideas on the nearest scrap of paper or napkin. We hope the creative juices are… shall we say, “streaming?”

To help you flow color into your Row doodles and designs, Blank Quilting Corp. is offering a special promotion on our popular blender fabrics—Splash, Fusion Illusion and Crushed sky—to our customer shops. These hard-working blender fabrics found their way into numerous patchwork, appliqued and paper-pieced rows in 2014 and will work just as diligently in your 2015 water-themed designs.

Coming up dry for ideas? Blank’s Beach Party collection (shipping in March) could be your inspiration, or Sakura’s 7157M and 7154M (shipping February) may float your boat. Whether your row illustrates falls or fountains, sea creatures or seascapes, water sports or water balloons, from now through September 1, 2015 take advantage of Blank Quilting’s versatile blender collections for your Row by Row shop sample, kits and quilts. With the race to submit a completed RxR quilt and be eligible for fabulous shop prizes, why not suggest a coordinating 108” backing to your shoppers for an easy, flash flood finish?

Our sales team is here to support you! Contact your Blank Quilting Corp. sales representative today or submit your blender order (Splash, Fusion Illusion or Crushed) through this web site. Splash, Fusion Illusion 10-yard put-ups, 8-piece minimum order is required. Enter “RxR Promo” in the Special Instructions block. If you send us photos of your rows using our fabrics, we’ll promote them on our Gallery page and social media sites.




And now a word from Scott, the President

Good Morning, 

I usually say “good morning” whenever my phone rings, day or night.  I want to always capture the freshness of that feeling that a new day and a beautiful morning brings. It is the same feeling I have in launching this website, freshness of a whole new way to present the new and improved Blank Quilting Corporation to our customers. 

I am well aware of the longevity and loyalty the original Blank had with its customers.  I never want to interrupt that relationship that quilt shops, designers and independent quilt shops have built over time with the brand. As the new owners, the goal is to enhance the existing relationship and earn the opportunity to show you how we can serve you much better. 

The first goal when we bought the business was to align inventory in such a way that you will not have to wait on back orders or wait for products that won’t ever ship. We ship close to 100% every time. 

The second goal was to create trusting business relationships with the customers. This may be a little difficult as credit isn’t automatically extended to everyone as was the case with the previous owners. However, over time, we want to be your trusted partner in your business and we want to help you grow which in effect helps us grow. 

The third goal was to maximize the ease of which we do business. The first hurdle is that we are a New York Corporation and we need to collect ST-120 forms and business licenses from all of our customers (if you haven’t already done so for any of our other companies:  Henry Glass Fabrics, Studioe Fabrics or A.E. Nathan). It is a minor hassle, but after that we want to introduce you to a whole new way of shopping online with us on this site. 

Please call me if you ever need ANYTHING, seriously.  As I always say, if you don’t contact me or someone at my company about a problem we have no way of fixing it.  We truly understand that the fabric business is not perfect and will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.  That being said, if you are not satisfied with something going on at our company, I am always here as a last resort. I aim to please! 

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship!
Thanks so much.
Scott Fortunoff
800-294-9495 x218



We are very glad that you made it here. Since Blank Quilting was purchased by the Jaftex family of companies in July, the mission has been to re-vamp the Blank Quilting Corp website to reflect who we are and how we can best serve our customers. 

We hope you find your way around the website easily and return often to see what’s going on. This site will house all the latest information on the Blank Quilting lines.  If you would please be so kind and sign up with your email address to “Keep In the Loop” about what’s going on with us, you will be the first to get news on specials, promotions and any other important corporate announcements.

We know that the Blank customer has had a long history with the legacy company and the goal of the new and improved Blank Quilting Corporation is to make that experience even better!   

The Blank Marketing Team