Dear Valued Store Owner,

Happy Friday!  To thank all of our valued customers for their continued business and support, we are offering a Pre-Thanksgiving Flash Sale on brand new, at once orders, that are taken or received by Sunday November 19, midnight eastern standard time.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must call your sales rep or email him/her.  Here is a link to all sales rep contact information.  If for some reason you can’t reach your sales rep or don’t know who your sales rep is, please email for help.

Here is the list of special discounts:

  • Buy any 6-11 bolts for at once and save $.25/yard.
  • Buy any 12-24 bolts for at once and save $.50/yard.
  • Buy 25 or more bolts for at once and save $.75/yard.
  • Buy over 50 bolts for at once and we will throw in an order of Sumatra Batik Strips.
  • Buy over 75 bolts and we will also give free freight.

To take advantage of this special:

  • Terms customers must be up to date on payments.
  • Credit card customers will be charged at once.

This opportunity cannot be combined with any other specials or promotions.  In addition, this opportunity does not apply to new lines that started shipping in November which include:  Faithful Friend by Danielle Murray, Goal Kick by BQC, Morning Mist 3 by BQC, No Kind Left Behind by JLN Designs, Sunrise Ridge by Jean Plout or Urban Legend by Tana Mueller of Western Denim & Dirt.

Here is the link to The Blank Quilting Corp. website.

Thanks again for your business this year and every year.  We hope you find the time to take advantage of this great offer.  Wishing you a Happy early Thanksgiving.  Thank you in advance.


Scott Fortunoff and the entire BQC Team.

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Just One More Reason To Keep Quilting, Sewing & Crafting!

 Happy Monday

I hope that your team won the Super Bowl.  If not, better luck next year. Assuming that all my readers are hung over from all the football, greasy food, chips & dips, betting pools, amazing commercials and perhaps alcohol (but I would guess that my readers aren’t drinkers, or are they?), I am going to delve in to a short and sweet blog that won’t mess too much with your hangover.

This past week I was reading the very reputable (note sarcasm) New York Post on the train ride in to New York City to work.  I came across a short article called Warding Off Dementia based on a report from the JAMA Neurology Journal.  The part that caught my attention was the conclusion that senior citizens benefit from simple activities to keep their brains sharp.  Lo and behold, one of those activities listed to keep the brain sharp was craft making.  This would include:  arts & crafts, quilting and sewing. Amen to that!  Just another of the many reasons why our great industry will not be going away any time soon!

Anyway, have a great week.  I am going to be taking a day off from blogging next week as I will be at the VDTA show in Vegas.  Please come visit me at booth 855 if you plan on attending.

Until Next Time,

This is Scott Fortunoff signing off


A sewing class to teach skills for a living…

This is a story from Durfee Burtner of Heirloom Quilting in Brookville, PA about her recent trip to teach a quilting class in Rwanda, Africa. The Blank Quilting Corp. donated fabrics for Durfee to take and their combined donations contributed to making kits for the students in the class. The class is for students to learn sewing skills well enough to eventually provide an income for themselves and their families. The class took place at the Sewing Center of Urukundo Home for Children in South Province, Rwanda. Here is Durfee’s story about her trip…

I took lots of supplies for the class: fabric, batting, rotary cutters, mats, thread, patterns (donated by Kay Buffington), two different kinds of rulers, machine and hand needles, etc.

We made it to Rwanda Sunday night and were greeted at the airport by many people. Mama Arlene, our hostess, came with a homemade trailer for the luggage. Thank heavens! It’s about a 1-1/2 hour trip to Gitarama, but it seemed like five.

Monday, when I got to the sewing center, Olive, my translator (nobody spoke English) introduced me to the girls and two men.  There were twenty of them in total (we had only brought kits enough for 13). It ended up that they had to share supplies and in some cases two students made one quilt. They didn’t mind though. They were learning something new and seemed to love it. I understood that they had walked miles to get to class. Most of the girls brought their lunches and stayed the afternoon.  Some also came on their holiday to work on their quilts also.

I asked for an iron and they brought out what I believe was the first electric iron ever made. It was so ancient. I asked if they had any more irons and they brought out a metal iron with a lid that opened, filled with hot charcoal. I almost fainted. The next day we brought three irons from Urukundo. I knew they had electricity (most of the time), but the sewing machines they used were treadle machines, which were not dependent on the undependable electricity. There was one large table which we used for cutting and one large table for ironing. The class had one pair of good scissors and two seam rippers.

The most difficult thing to teach was probably fractions. The girls weren’t familiar with them and I tried my hardest to explain decimal equivalents with a diagram. I left a chart with them for future use.

All in all, I was really pleased with the results. Almost all got their quilts done. They were so proud. Mama Arlene said the quilts will be given to the women that come to Urukundo to give birth.

I am so blessed to have gone to Rwanda for the third time. I love the people there. They are so joyful, so thankful – it’s incredible. I thank God for this opportunity. And I also thank The Blank Quilting Corp. for their very generous donation.

Below are pictures of the trip.  Please enjoy and notice how happy all the people are thanks to Durfee’s amazing efforts to share her wealth of knowledge.