The Blank Blog Bonanza (BBB): Monthly Specials for April, May & June 2018


Dear Valued Customer,

Below are the details for the newest BBBs.  These apply to orders that are taken after April 10, 2018 only, but the orders DO NOT necessarily have to ship in those months unless stated.  All prior BBBs are done.  Customers can only take advantage of one BBB per item and the BBB can’t be combined with any other specials.  Here goes:

#1.  44″ Quilting Cottons:

  • FUSION ILLUSION SPECIAL WINDING THE LINE DOWN:  There are around 10 colors left in the Fusion Illusion line listed here from the most inventory to the least (latte, hunter, pink, lime, pear, blue, thyme, guava, rose & sunshine).  Buy one of each and save $1.00/yard (one dollar).  Must ship at once.
  • SPLASH SPECIAL:  Buy any 8+ bolts of Splash and save $.50/yard (fifty cents).  Buy all Splash colors (about 16) and save $.75/yard (seventy five cents).  Here is a list of the colors in order of most inventory to least inventory (violet, willow, palm, chamois, parchment, seafoam, spring, sky blue, glow, lapis, lime, gold, ice, jade, cardinal and orange).  Must ship at once.
  • FUSION & SPLASH SPECIAL:  If you buy all the available Fusion Illusion and Splash skus for an at once shipment, on top of the special mentioned above, you will also get free freight.
  • FREE FREIGHT & A FREE BOLT OF SPLASH OR FUSION ILLUSION ON FULL 15 YARD NEW APRIL/MAY COLLECTIONS:  If you buy a full 15 yard collection of any of the new April/May lines, you will get free freight and either a bolt of Fusion Illusion or Splash for free.  Please choose from the list above keeping in mind that the colors further down the list are very low.     
  • AMAZON BATIKS:  If you buy all 35 of the Amazon Batiks (12 yard cuts), you will save $.30 cents/yard.
  • PEARLE LINES BY MARK HORDYSZYNSKI:  Buy 5 or more bolts from these pearlescent lines and save $.40/yard.  Crystalline, Pearl Dot and/or Pearl Grid.
  • KITTY KITTY:  Buy all 12 colors of the Kitty Kitty line and save $.50/yard (fifty cents).  Must ship at once.


    • (10 YARD CUT FULL COLLECTION)  If you buy all 90 colors of Melange (9 colors were added to the original 81) for a May 2018 delivery ONLY, in 10 yard cuts, we will reduce the list price by $1.00/yard (one dollar).  You can also get the same deal for June, but we need to receive that order in May.
    • (15 YARD CUT FULL COLLECTION)  If you buy all 90 colors in 15 yard cuts to ship between May and the end of the year, you will save $1.25/yard (one dollar and twenty five cents).
    • (PICK & CHOOSE)  Buy 12-25 bolts of Melange and save $.50/yard (fifty cents).  Buy 25 plus and save $.65/yard (sixty five cents).
  • STOF PROMO:  Please make sure that you ask your sales rep about the great special we have on older first quality Stof skus printed in Japan.  The more you buy, the lower the price.  There is tons to choose from!

Here are the 45″ selections and here are the 60″ selections.

#3.  108″ FABRICS: 

  • COLLECTION ORDER:  Buy all the colors from any 108″ collection and save $.45/yard (forty five cents) and get free freight too.  This does not apply to the Patriotic 108″ line.
  • Bolt ORDER:  Buy 3 or more bolts of any 108″ line and save $.25/yard (twenty five cents).

We hope that you continue to take advantage of these BBBs.

Contact your Blank Quilting Corp. sales rep to place an order or contact customer service at 800-294-9495 x 245 (Renee).

To Monthly Specials!

Your Blank Quilting Corp. Sales Team

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