The Blank Blog Bonanza (BBB): Monthly Specials for October, November & December 2017

Dear Valued Customer,


Below are the details for the newest BBBs.  These BBBs apply to orders that are taken in October, November & December 2017 only, but the orders DO NOT necessarily have to ship in those months unless indicated.  Please note that all prior BBBs are now done and these are the only ones that are in effect.  Please note that customers can only take advantage of one BBB at a time i.e. no mixing and matching. Here goes:


  • SUMATRA 2 BATIK PRECUTS:  This precut special applies to the Sumatra 2 Batik Fat Quarters (bat2fq-sum2) and the Sumatra 2 Batik Strips (batik2-sum2) only.  Buy 2 and get the 3rd free.  The order must be comprised of all fat quarters or all strips.  While supplies last.
  • AMERICAN HONOR & NATURAL TREASURES 2:  Buy a full collection in 15 yard cuts of American Honor or Natural Treasures 2 and get a free order of fat quarters with it.

#2.  44″ Quilting Cottons:

  • CHRISTMAS AT ONCE ORDER FREE SHIPPING:  Buy a full collection of any of the Christmas lines in 15 yard cuts for an at once delivery and get free freight.  This applies to A Time Of Wonder, Flaky Friends and Silent Night.
  • DECEMBER FREE FREIGHT:  Buy a full collection of 15 yard cuts for December and get free freight plus a bolt of fog or charcoal Primitive Basics.  Buy 15 assorted bolts to ship in December and those too will ship freight free.  Buy 25 assorted bolts to ship and December and those too will ship freight free and you will also get a free bolt of fog or charcoal Primitive Basics.
  • SUMATRA 2 BATIK SPECIAL:  We are on the last legs of our Sumatra 2 Batik line.  Buy 6 assorted bolts or more of what remains of the Sumatra 2 Batiks and save $1.45/yard (One dollar and forty-five cents) off the regular list price.  While supplies last.
  • PEARLESCENT SPECIAL:  Buy 6 bolts from any of these pearle lines and save $.25/yard (twenty five cents).  CrystallinePearl DotPearl Grid & Pearl Grid 108″.  Buy 12 or more pearle bolts and save $.50/yard (fifty cents).
  • ECLIPSE SOLIDS:  Buy 5 or more bolts of any of the Eclipse Solids for one shipment and save $.25/yard (twenty five cents).  If you buy all 10 Eclipse solid colors for one delivery, you will save $.50/yard (fifty cents).
  • STOF MELANGE BASIC:  Buy 12 bolts or more of any of the Stof Melange Basics and save $.30/yard (thirty cents).  If you buy all 81 of the Stof Melange Basics over 2 shipments or less starting in October/November and shipping every month or every other month, you save $.65/yard (sixty five cents). YES 65 CENTS!  If you take all 81 colors for one shipment in December, you will get free freight and the $.65/yard (sixty five cents) discount.  Give it a try!
  • STOF AVALANA JERSEY FABRIC: Buy 4 or more bolts of the Avalana Jersey Fabric and save $.25/yard (twenty five cents).

#3.  108″ FABRICS: 

  • BOLT ORDER:  Save $.45/yard (forty five cents) when you buy 5 or more 108″ wide quilt backs.
  • COLLECTION ORDER:  Buy all the colors from any 108″ collection and save $1.25/yard (One dollar and 25 cents).  This does not apply to the Patriotic 108″ line.

We hope that you continue to take advantage of these BBBS.

Contact your Blank Quilting Corp. sales rep to place an order or contact customer service at 800-294-9495 x 245 (Renee).

To Monthly Specials!

Your Blank Quilting Corp. Sales Team

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