Good morning!   How are you today? I hope you are withstanding all the crazy storm madness which has thankfully slowed down a bit it seems. This too shall pass, so hang in tight and don’t forget to breathe.  Can you hear me alright? Okay then, let’s get this contest going.

People keep asking me what I am doing about helping those in Texas, Florida and surrounding areas who have been adversely affected by the storms. That is a great question that I too keep asking myself and I think I have finally found the answer. Yeah, I could make donations as I have already done. I could send blankets and food which I have already done too. But most anyone could do those sort of things. But you know me, I like to beat to my own drum and do my own thing. With that, I am going to go out on a limb and try something, well…..unique. Call me crazy, but here goes.

As I mentioned in a very recent blog post, I was going to give away the sewing machines that my good friend Joanne Hubbard donated. By the way, Joanne is my BlogFF (BFF). I digress. So yeah, the sewing machines. Aside from offering the machines from Joanne, Brewer is generously donating a machine for the giveaway from their Eversewn brand. But that just isn’t enough for me.  You know what I am saying? That would be around 5 machines and I want to do more….way more. Why the heck not? People are suffering and I want to do what I can to ease the pain, even if it is just a little bit and helps to put a smile on someone’s face. I am sure you are wondering what am I going to do. So let me tell you already and stop blabbing away.

I called my new friend Philip Ueltschi, the Brand Manager of Sewing Machines at Brewer, and he kindly agreed to sell me machines at a special discounted price for my self proclaimed great cause. These are machines that retail for $200-$400. After I give away the 5 or so machines that I already have, I am going to start giving away BRAND NEW machines on a weekly basis for an indefinite time period. Yes, you are hearing me correctly. Now hear this one more time! I am going to buy machines, a lot of machines, and give them away for F—R—-E—-EEEEEE to people that lost their machine in the storms, never could afford to buy their own machine in the first place or a young person that wants to learn how to sew. I am open to other reasons as to why someone should earn a new machine. One more time, let’s say it together because it sounds soooo freaking good. Free. I can’t hear you. You can do better than that. One more time. FREEEEEEEEEE. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Now you got it!

For starters, I am seeking requests from people in Texas, Florida and surrounding areas who have been adversely affected by the storms. I would like the pleas to be short and to the point. Maybe 200-250 words maximum as to why I should gift you a machine. I unfortunately don’t have time to read a novel so keep it tight. Or, you can even send me a photo with a caption that you think demonstrates why you OR SOMEONE ELSE should earn a free machine. Please enter all pleas into the comments section of this blog post. If you could figure out how to attach a picture to the blog, please do so. If not, email me the photo in some form with the caption. The top pleas will be selected by me and I will reach out to that person to confirm all the details and make sure all pleas are legit….no offense of course, but the scams are endless these days. By the way, this is not a scam, joke or trick. Make sure to include your city, state and email address so I can contact you for other info.  This contest is for people in the US only.  Make sure to be careful to enter all the info into the computer correctly because if your email address is wrong by even a single letter….NO SOUP FOR YOU! (Seinfeld Reference)

In addition to the free machines, I will be sure to include some other goodies…..maybe some fabric, maybe some notions, maybe some batting, it will be a surprise, but it will be “beast” as my son likes to call it and that is a good thing no doubt.

With that, let the requests start flowing in. And yes, please have fun when submitting your requests. Send any and all questions to, but please don’t drive me crazy because I do have a regular full time job and it isn’t President Of Giving Free Sewing Machines Away if you know what I mean. No phone calls. You will be sure to know through our social media venues and my blog who the winners are as I announce them. Please know that this is my contest and I make the rules and all the final decisions. That’s just how it needs to be.  I am also giving myself permission to post details of all requests and pleas so if something is very private or you don’t want your name used, please make sure to let me know.

Good luck! Please make sure to share this with anyone you know who might be eligible to win especially in Texas, Florida and surrounding areas.  The last thing I want to say is that I can’t wait to see the faces of the winners when they find out that they are getting a new machine from me. That to me is priceless. Therefore, if you happen to be a winner, make sure to post a picture of your smiley face and your new sewing machine on any or all of my company’s (Studioe Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp. or Henry Glass Fabrics) Facebook, Instagram or other social media arenas.

Sewing Machine Scott

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  1. Wow, how wonderful if I could get a new sewing machine. I’m a hurricane victim from Aransas Pass, Texas and I’m living in a mess and my machine is ruined. Not only did we have hurricane winds but a 13 ft water surge. I work hard for a living at the Naval Air Station so I can do what I love and that’s quilting. I thought my machine and fabrics were high enough when I evacuated but it was not. We lost our barn, water shed, garage and roof on our home not to mention 30+ trees. I just cannot replace everything and a machine would be so wonderful . On top of the hurricane my husband contacted a bacterial parasite working on our property and two toes were amputated 3 days ago. I need to do what I love and no FEMA or SBA can help me like you. Thank you.

  2. I am organizing a class for minority women and children who lost family members to violence in the city of Philadelphia to sew quilts, wall hangings and other items with the clothing of the victims. I would like to qualify for sewing machines to work with.

    1. Diana,
      This is very interesting and a great idea. Please send me your number to Please note that I will need some official information about this program being set up and the details.

  3. My friend, Ranay lost both her sewing machine and serger and all of her fabrics etc when her apartment was flooded due to hurricaine Harvey. She is staying with family here in Houston until she can find a permanent housing. She is a wonderful person and deserves to get a new machine.

  4. I would Love a new sewing machine! My Mom passed away 4 yrs ago and I got ALL of her quilting materials! Except for her sewing machine! I have been out of work due to disability for 2 yrs And can not afford to buy a new machine! I would just love to be able to use her beautiful material to make something!
    Thank you so much for your consideration!
    Kim Dietz

  5. Oh my, what a wonderful gift of love.
    I really do need a sewing machine. I have my mother’s singer (which is older than I am and I’ll be 62 September 27th). Needless to say, it’s on its last legs. I haven’t been in a disaster, but trying to live on my husbands Social Security (a whopping $1200 a month) doesn’t leave any room for much of anything outside of household bills. Our house (older mobile home) payment and lot rent is $815 a month. Throw in the utilities, especially electricity (here in the Phoenix area our electric bill is between $250 and $275 a month). I know that seems high but that’s what happens living in a trailer. Yep, too much month left at the end of our money. I have an opportunity to earn some extra money by teaching young women in our church to sew. I would also like to use the machine to quilt.
    I will send you proof of what I have said here, if need be.
    Thank you,
    Jeri Scrivano

    1. Hi Jeri,
      You are lucky to have a machine which many others don’t have. Sorry, but at this time there are many others in more dire need.

  6. I have been without a sewing machine for 3 yrs. Mine is in Florida in storage. As a senior citizen quilting keeps you busy and your mind young .Can’t afford to go get mine cause my car was to damaged to drive. Don’t know if storage was damaged or not

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Sorry to hear about your machine, but to be honest, many others are in much more need than you. Sorry, but I can’t help you at this time.

  7. I don’t know that I really deserve one of these machines….but I would sure love to have one. Just getting into quilting. Thanks

    1. Hi Anita,
      Unless you are facing a tragedy like other people requesting machines, you are unfortunately not so eligible, but be thankful that you are not facing tragedy.

  8. Oh gosh…I’d be so grateful if I won a sewing machine! My mother in laws machine no longer works and I’ve been dying to make something for my daughter!

  9. My name is Hope and I am a single mom of four who works full time outside the home. My son is autistic and is currently in public school but it’s not going well. He would be much better off being homeschooled. It is my dream to make a decent living for me and my kids by making handmade, homemade, and creative items. This would allow me to stay home and offer my son the homeschooling he needs. I currently do not own a machine to accomplish my goal. At this point I am limited to my crochet but would like to expand to sewn items also. The machine would also allow for me to teach my son useful skills that may help him obtain a job later in life. He will never be fully independent but I can at least teach him skills he could use.

  10. What a wonderful thing you are doing. These machines will help people breathe a little and, perhaps, make things to help others the way they’ve been helped. You have renewed my faith in humanity as I have seen so many stories and photo’s of people using any excuse to loot or vandalize homes they think are empty. God bless you!

    1. Wow, no one ever told me that I could renew their faith in humanity. I am honored. Thanks Teresa. You are an angel, but I am sure you have been called that before.

  11. Scott,
    I work in a therapeutic intervention school for kids in elementary/middle/high school and we are starting a crafts club and would like to start the students on quilt making. I am happy to share fabric/batting/thread from my own stash but a machine would be a huge help! We are small classes (10 or less) so sharing one machine wouldn’t be a problem. (I’ve included a link to our program page under website.)
    Thank you for considering us.

  12. This is so generous of you! My home flooded in Harvey! We lost everything and are trying to put our home together again. I would love to have your machine to make bedding and drapes for the home as we rebuild.

    1. Angelique,
      Can you please go to Then go to the bottom and click on the blog bottom. Open up any blog and put your request in the comments section and I will give it consideration. Those comments go directly to me and that is how I manage all the requests. Thanks.

  13. My daughter has a friend who lost everything (except her purse, diaper bag, and her two children-which are most important) in the apartment fire in California. She was just learning to sew and lost her machine. Would she be eligible for this giveaway? Thanks for all you’re doing!

  14. Hi, I live in Florida and it seems like my whole world has changed. I love to sew and make things for others. My son was born blind and deaf and the most touching thing was the NICU nurses wrapping my little guy in a baby quilt someone made for the NICU babies to keep. I began making blankets to donate when he was 2 and sewing is my escape. My entire life is different now, i have replaced all i could but im still 2 yrs away from a new machine. I have been crocheting as a substitute…its not working very well…lol. Thank you. Mandy

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