Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Share The Love Through Charity

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in the world.”

I am a board member of my local JCC (SJCCC) which is one of the most impressive charitable organizations around town.  In short, the SJCCC is an extremely well run and well financed organization that offers so much to so many in all different states of need (the list is endless).  It is the JCC that all other JCC’s aspire to be and I am not just saying that because I am on the board (it’s only been a couple years)…this place is the real deal and has been for a very long time. With that, this week I want to discuss my planned visit and sponsorship of the Camp Kehilla carnival and see whether you can help me by donating a sewing machine to another great SJCCC cause.

Camp Kehilla is the SJCCC’s camp for kids with special needs….an amazing place to say the least.  This is the second year that I am sponsoring the carnival.  It is this coming Thursday and I am looking forward to watching all the kids in action, smiling, laughing and having a blast. There is no feeling more rewarding than when the kids come up to me to thank me for the great day they are having. Even if they didn’t thank me, I would feel great. Let’s just hope that the weather cooperates.

Speaking of cooperation, I need some help from all of my quilting peeps. I don’t know if you remember or not, but back in August of 2016, I blogged about the naming of the Andrea & Robert Fortunoff (my parents) Art For Community Program endowed to the SJCCC. Here’s the link to that blog if you want to refresh your memory and the aim of the organization is immediately below:

“Art for Community provides opportunities for children and families to participate in meaningful community service projects creating beautiful and functional items made from fabric to be donated to those in need.”

So here’s the deal.  After a recent brainstorming meeting, the team came up with two great ways to incorporate the fabric donated by the Jaftex Companies (A.E. Nathan Co., Inc., Henry Glass Fabrics, Studioe Fabrics & The Blank Quilting Corp.) in to giving back. The thing is that we are missing one very critical ingredient: sewing machines. That is why I am here today to ask you if you could find it in your heart to donate a gently used (or brand new), portable and fully functioning sewing machine for two upcoming drives and future drives.

The first drive is to make as many pillow cases as possible for a program called Ryan’s Case For Smiles.  This program distributes pillow cases to kids in hospitals in order to help them relieve some of the stress that comes with the traumatic and frightening experience of being in a hospital and all that goes with it.

The second drive is to make place mats for the first ever SJCCC Thanksgiving Community Luncheon for people that are socially isolated. Not only will the attendees get a great meal and not feel socially isolated for the day, but they will also get to take home what I am sure will be a beautiful place mat made with a sewing machine from YOU!

With all that, if you could find it in your heart to donate a sewing machine, please email me at scott@jaftex.com and we can work out the details.  I will even pay for the shipping.  If you help me, I will be forever indebted to you.  You will also become a VIP in my book and I am sure the book of so many others.

Sewing Machine Scott


The Blank Blog Bonanza (BBB): Monthly Specials for July, August & September 2017

Dear Valued Customer,


Below are the details for the newest BBBs.  These BBBs apply to orders that are taken in July, August & September 2017 only, but the orders DO NOT necessarily have to ship in those months unless indicated.  Please note that all prior BBBs are now done and these are the only ones that are in effect.  Please note that customers can only take advantage of one BBB at a time i.e. no mixing and matching. Here goes:

#1. PRECUT SPECIALS:  Sorry, but we have no precut specials at this time as we only have precuts for American Honor (fat quarters), Natural Treasures 2 (fat quarters) & Sumatra 2 (strips and fat quarters).

#2.  44″ Quilting Cottons:  Pay close attention because these are good!

  • AT ONCE ORDER FREE SHIPPING:  Buy 8 bolts or more for an at once delivery and get free shipping.  This does not include Sumatra 2 Batiks.
  • SUMATRA 2 BATIK SPECIAL:  Buy any 10 bolts of Sumatra 2 batiks and save $1.25/yard (one dollar and twenty five cents).  Buy 20 or more bolts and get a free order of Sumatra 2 strips also. Buy 35 bolts or more and get Sumatra 2 fat quarters also.  Buy 50 or more bolts and you get free freight too.
  • PEARLESCENT SPECIAL:  Buy 8 bolts on any of these lines and get the 9th bolt for free (must be a 44″ sku unless customer buys 8 bolts of the Pearl Grid 108″).  Crystalline, Pearl Dot, Pearl Grid & Pearl Grid 108″.
  • ECLIPSE SOLIDS:  Buy 4 or more bolts of any of the Eclipse Solids for one shipment and save $.25/yard (twenty five cents).  The order still must meet the regular 5 bolt minimum.
  • STOF MELANGE BASIC:  Buy 8 bolts or more of any of the Stof Melange Basics and save $.25/yard (twenty five).  These must ship before February 2018.  If you buy all 81 of the Stof Melange Basics over 2 shipments or less starting in October and shipping every month or every other month, you save $.65/yard (sixty five).  YES 65 CENTS!  If you take all 81 colors for one shipment in December, you will get free freight also.  Give it a try!
  • STOF AVALANA JERSEY FABRIC: Buy 6 or more bolts of the gorgeous Avalana Jersey Fabric and save $.50/yard (fifty cents).

#3.  108″ FABRICS: Save $.50/yard (fifty) for the at once purchase of 6-11 bolts of 108″ fabrics.   Save $.75/yard (seventy-five) for the at once purchase of 12-19 bolts.  Save $1.00 (a dollar) for the at once purchase of 20 or more bolts of 108″.

We hope that you continue to take advantage of these BBBS.

Contact your Blank Quilting Corp. sales rep to place an order or contact customer service at 800-294-9495 x 245 (Renee).

To Monthly Specials!

Your Blank Quilting Corp. Sales Team