Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Something To Think About & Act Upon This Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend at the quilt market, I had a lunch date with a customer. Immediately after, I met up with my brother Greg who was eating at a pizza restaurant called Pi, but it was spelled with the math pi sign. You know that thing that means 3.14159…..

I sat with him while he chowed down on this funky looking pizza with so many odd things on it and so much cheese that my heart was hurting to watch him eat.  It looked something like this, but so much worse.

The pizza place was pretty full.  I did notice that one particular gentlemen was in army fatigues eating with his wife and two kids.  When I noticed them, the random act of kindness Scott was thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice to buy that guy and his family lunch?”  Some time passed, I ran to the restroom, my brother finished and I never did buy them lunch.  Scott Fail! I need to do better.

As we left, Greg went over to the soldier’s table and said to the gentlemen, “Thanks for your service.”  I thought to myself, that was a nice gesture. Dang it, I should have bought them lunch.

Then we headed back to the convention center chatting about business when Greg just blew my mind.  He told me that he paid for the family’s lunch.  WOW!  Not only that, but he didn’t tell the family or anything.  It was a complete and total surprise. A total random act of kindness.  It was an absolutely selfless act.  I imagine that Greg felt really good about what he did.  I was super proud of him, but truly amazed that we had the same idea in our heads.  The one difference was that he acted and I didn’t.  Silly me.

The point here being, as we approach Memorial Day weekend, think about how a small gesture on your behalf will go a long way to show appreciation to those that protect and serve our amazing country.  As my readers know, I am totally a fan of random acts of kindness.  So if it isn’t a soldier, it never hurts to surprise someone who looks like they could use a little help or cheering up.  That’s something for you to think about this Memorial Day weekend.  No one even needs to know about the good deed except you and the recipient.  That is when it feels the best.  With that, be safe and enjoy the long weekend.  Next week I will continue to discuss quilt market.

Author: Vanessa Denniston

Digital Marketing Manager

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