At the heart of the American Honor Quilt Challenge

Thank you so much to all who have entered into the American Honor Quilt Challenge. Each and every quilt that has been entered is so treasured because there is a heartfelt message that is woven into each stitch made.

These projects are so much more than fabric, beautiful designs and fabulous quilting they are symbols of heroes and remembrances of men and women of valor and honor.

Words can’t explain the sacrifice that our men and women and their families make to serve our country, and we recognize that this is a small tribute, and a very small token.

So we celebrate all the contestants and the quilt shops who are our partners in this challenge. We can not wait to give the donation to American’s Mighty Warriors in the name of the winners (both contestant and the quilt shop).

And for ALL quilt shops that have chosen to take part of the American Honor line we thank you too! We want you to know that because of the fantastic response to this collection, we are making this collection a BASIC line in the Blank Quilting fabric lineup and available for ordering all the time.

No matter who wins, we celebrate the heart of this quilt challenge, that we truly honor our American heroes.

They are small words, but sent from a big heart from all of us at The Blank Quilting Corp.:  Thank you.

Author: Vanessa Denniston

Digital Marketing Manager

4 thoughts on “At the heart of the American Honor Quilt Challenge”

  1. Beautifully said! As I was sewing my projects, I could not help but think about the men and women who sacrificed so much in order for me to enjoy my freedom. I am honored and blessed to have the opportunity to participate in this challenge; and I’m thrilled that this fabric line will be available for me to use when making more donation quilts. Well done fellow participants. Your creations are wonderful and touching! And, well done Blank Quilting. Your continued support of our veterans is outstanding!

  2. I am so very proud to be a part of the Blank Quilting Corp. Team. The American Honor Collection is an awesome patriotic collection that has touched so many lives and will continue to do so. It is very heart warming to see a veterans appreciation for the artwork. Special thanks to the “BLANK QUILTING DESIGN TEAM!” Diana Mancini and Ping Ping Chan, it wouldn’t be possible without your dedication and wonderful work. Special Thanks to Scott Fortunoff all you do! Hugs

  3. Thank you Blank Quilting Team for recognizing the talent of Tana Mueller and sharing it with the quilting world!

    Cindy Werkmeister

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