The Blank Blog Bonanza (BBB): Monthly Specials For May & June 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

Below are the details for the newest BBBs.  These BBBs apply to orders that are taken in May & June of 2017 only, but the orders DO NOT have to ship in May or June (they can ship anytime, except where specifically indicated below). Please note that all prior BBBs are now done and these are the only ones that are in effect. Here goes:

#1.  PRECUT SPECIAL:  Buy one set of precuts and get the second set of the same precut from the same line for free.  Please refer to your sales rep’s pricelist to see what is available for this special as some precuts are now sold out and discontinued.  This special does not apply to American Honor or Natural Treasures fat quarters.

#2.   44″ QUILTING COTTONS:  These are really good folks, so please pay close attention!

  • DECEMBER DELIVERY FULL COLLECTION SPECIAL:  Buy any full 12 yard May release collection for a December ONLY delivery and pay just $.10/yard (ten cents) for shipping.  Buy any full 15 yard May release collection for a December ONLY delivery and you will get free freight.
  • SUMATRA BATIK SPECIAL:  Buy any 8 bolts of Sumatra batiks and get a free order of Sumatra strips (4 pieces per order).  If you buy 16 bolts, you get 2 free orders of strips and so on.
  • BASIC LINE SPECIAL:  Buy 8 or more bolts of any of these basics for one shipment and save $.25/yard (twenty five cents).  You can mix and match for this special:  Crystalline, Fusion Illusion,  Honeystone Hill, Intermix, Pearl Dot, Pearl GridPrimitive Basics (On top of the already discounted sale price.  Colors are limited), Splash or Starlet.
  • ECLIPSE SOLID SPECIAL:  Buy 4 or more bolts of any of the Eclipse solids for one shipment and save $.25/yard (twenty five cents).  The order still must meet the regular 5 bolt minimum.
  • STOF MELANGE BASIC SPECIAL:  Buy 8 bolts or more of any of the Stof Melange Basics and save $.25/yard (twenty five cents).  These must ship anywhere from September 2017-November of 2017.  If you buy all 81 of the Stof Melange Basics over 3 shipments or less starting in September and shipping every month OR every other month, you save $.65/yard (sixty five cents).  YES 65 CENTS!  If you take all 81 for one shipment from September 2017 to November 2017, we will also only charge you $.10/yard (ten cents) for freight. If you ship all 81 colors in December, the order will ship freight free.  GO FOR IT!

#3.  108″ FABRICS:  Buy 8 bolts, mix and match, of 108″ fabric and get the 9th one for free. This applies to all 108″ lines EXCEPT Hopscotch 108″, Pearl Grid 108″ and Plush 2 ply flannel 108″. However, if you buy 8 bolts, mix and match, of Hopscotch 108″, Pearl Grid 108″ or Plush 2 ply flannel 108″, you can get the 9th bolt free.

We hope that you continue to take advantage of the BBBs.

Contact your Blank sales rep to place an order or contact customer service at 800-294-9495 x245 (Renee)
To Monthly Specials!
Your Blank Quilting Sales Team


APRIL FOOL’S blog readers!  You can’t keep a good yenta down.  Did you really think that I was going to end my blogging career like that?  I think not.  When it is time for me to go, when I have nothing more to talk about with respect to our industry, that is when I will pull the plug.  In the meantime, see that picture below?  You know what that is?  That is the pile of irate letters that I received from people protesting that I was going to stop blogging.  It’s crazy!  Who knew?  Not to mention all the phone calls and emails I got too.

That is the crux of what I wanted to report this week especially since we are in high gear at our offices preparing for the ever-important May Quilt Market release.  Speaking of Quilt Market, I continue to hear that more and more vendors and shop owners won’t be attending.  This is very disappointing and unfortunately there appears to be no end to the troubles that we all face with quilt market, its future and its importance.  When is the downfall going to end?  In addition, with the couple of mergers & acquisitions and companies going out of business, that won’t help market either because that too will reduce the booth counts.  Anyway, I will be there with a smile on my face, ready to show our newest lines and to take orders. I will look forward to seeing you too.  If you want to set up an appointment, please email me at so we can get something on the calendar.  You can also email sales manager extraordinaire, Cliff Garfinkel at

Speaking of mergers and acquisitions, I continue to hear that a lot of companies are looking and talking.  They are kicking the tires around. Lots of rumors.  So you should expect to see some more deals coming in the future because where there is smoke, there is fire. Unfortunately, at this time we haven’t found another company to bring in to our organization, but that it not to say that we are not looking.

Hope you had a nice Easter and/or Passover.  Have a great week.


The Yenta Is Back, Scott


Meet Tana Mueller, designer of American Honor and more…

“To be born in a place is to be of that place, and to be born in Texas is to be part of a diverse and proud people who believe themselves to be different, carrying on a tradition of a fierce and glorious past.”

Fierce and glorious. This could be the definition of Tana Mueller, the designer of the American Honor collection that has stirred emotions and brought viewers to tears simply by looking at the poignant images from the line.

That’s exactly what happened when the line was first launched at quilt market last spring. Scott Fortunoff, President of The Blank Quilting Corp., was showing the American Honor collection to a shop owner, whom we have affectionately named Soldier S, when she began to weep. She was previously a soldier and the designs in the collection meant so much to her. Sparked by this raw emotion, the brainstorming for the American Honor Quilt Challenge began.

As we wrap up a year-long effort this week with the final voting, we felt it was time to give kudos to Tana. As the designer of the line, she has her own story to tell. She herself has 22 years of public service behind her as a law enforcement officer on patrol, and also as a police academy instructor.

As a matter of fact, when she was putting pencil to paper on her new collection called “Thin Blue Line” ( a tribute to law enforcement), she had to put the crayon down from her own grief. One of the rookies she had trained lost his life in the Dallas shootings on July 8, 2016.  It is a sad fact of her past service in law enforcement, but Tana has personally known many police officers over the years that have been killed in the line of duty. When she focused on the work she was doing in these designs for Thin Blue Line  they were completed with a new fervor. She has created this collection for the fallen, their families and for law enforcement officers that protect and serve every day. “They know what the job is when they go in,” she says. “And they would all do it again.”

Here is a sneak peek of one image from the collection which will be released in May for sale.


It is very special when your designs move people’s hearts.  “There are so many wonderful stories behind everything that has happened since American Honor was released,” she said. She has personally framed and donated several pieces of the fabric’s two lead prints: the cross with boots and the eagle.

“The first prints I received I had the two leads framed and gave it to the manager of the Starbucks store where I often meet with my team. He still works with shrapnel in his back. He held my hand as we walked toward the prints I had set up in the coffee shop, and we got closer and closer his hand got tighter and tighter around mine, he was in tears when he realized these prints were to honor him.”

“Since then I have donated several framed pieces  to non-profit organizations that are raising money for their cause, specifically paying tribute to military families,” she said.

Tana’s talent draws further than this American Honor phenomenon. She is also the sole designer for one of her companies, Western Denim and Dirt. These fabric collections typify the western cowboy lifestyle that is so indigenous to the Texas culture.

Her nickname is the “Crayon Lady”.  As a matter of fact, on the day we spoke she had just returned from the Blue Bonnet Shop Hop where 8 shops got together and had her create an exclusive fabric design specifically for use with Tana’s fabric crayon technique of coloring on fabric.  One block was in each of the stores. Shop Hop participants had to visit each store to collect them all.

She was actually still a little hoarse from talking 10 hours straight doing her demos.  “Coloring with crayons on fabric is becoming a big thing here in southwest Texas,” she says. And it directly relates to her fierce pursuit of sharing this art form.

And as for the glorious part of Tana’s reputation? That is far less clear. She is a very humble person, and while the fame that has come with having several successful fabric collections with The Blank Quilting Corporation, she is not one to be filled with pride…except of course when it comes to being from Texas.









At the heart of the American Honor Quilt Challenge

Thank you so much to all who have entered into the American Honor Quilt Challenge. Each and every quilt that has been entered is so treasured because there is a heartfelt message that is woven into each stitch made.

These projects are so much more than fabric, beautiful designs and fabulous quilting they are symbols of heroes and remembrances of men and women of valor and honor.

Words can’t explain the sacrifice that our men and women and their families make to serve our country, and we recognize that this is a small tribute, and a very small token.

So we celebrate all the contestants and the quilt shops who are our partners in this challenge. We can not wait to give the donation to American’s Mighty Warriors in the name of the winners (both contestant and the quilt shop).

And for ALL quilt shops that have chosen to take part of the American Honor line we thank you too! We want you to know that because of the fantastic response to this collection, we are making this collection a BASIC line in the Blank Quilting fabric lineup and available for ordering all the time.

No matter who wins, we celebrate the heart of this quilt challenge, that we truly honor our American heroes.

They are small words, but sent from a big heart from all of us at The Blank Quilting Corp.:  Thank you.