The Blank Blog Bonanza (BBB): Monthly Specials For March & April 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

Below are the details for the newest BBBs.  These BBBs apply to orders that are taken in March & April of 2017 only, but the orders DO NOT have to ship in March or April (they can ship anytime).  Please note that all prior BBBs are now done and these are the only ones that are in effect. Here goes:

#1.  PRECUT SPECIAL (REPEAT FROM THE JAN./FEB. BBB):  If you buy 2 of any of the same precuts (excluding American Honor & Natural Treasures) at full price i.e. 2 orders of Splash 5x5s, you will get the third unit of the same item for free.  In other words, buy 2 and get one free. Please note that the order still needs to meet the 5 unit minimum order and the free unit does not count towards the minimum.


FULL COLLECTION SPECIAL:  If you buy any full collection in 15 yard cuts, you will get free freight on that order as well as anything else that ships with it.  If you buy a full collection in 12 yard cuts, your freight will be 10 cents per yard and anything else you order will also ship for the same price per yard.

SUMATRA BATIK 2 SPECIAL:  If you buy 8-30 bolts of the Sumatra 2 Batiks, you will get 20 cents off per yard.  If you buy 31-50 bolts of the Sumatra 2 Batiks, you will get 40 cents off per yard.  If you buy more than 50 bolts, you will get 50 cents off per yard.

METALLIC COTTONS (44″ & 108″):  If you buy any 6 metallic bolts from the same line listed below, you will get the 7th bolt from the same line for free.  No mix and match please.

#3.  108″ FABRICS (REPEAT FROM THE JAN./FEB. BBB): :  For every 5 bolts of full priced 108″ fabrics that you purchase, you will get 10 cents off per yard. That discount increases with every 5 bolts ordered.  In other words, if you buy 10 bolts you get 20 cents off per yard, 15 bolts gets you 30 cents off per yard, 20 bolts gets you 40 cents off per yard, 25 bolts gets you 50 cents off per yard, 30 bolts gets you 60 cents of per yard and so on. The maximum is 50 bolts for $1.00 off per yard.  This special cannot be mixed with the metallic 108″ special immediately above.

We hope that you continue to take advantage of the BBBs.

Contact your Blank sales rep to place an order.
Contact customer service at 800-294-9495 x245 (Renee)
To Monthly Specials!
Your Blank Quilting Sales Team


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