The Blank Blog Bonanza (BBB): Monthly Specials For November & December 2016

Dear Valued Customer,

Below are the details for the newest BBBs.   This BBB applies to orders that are taken before the end of 2016.  Please note that all prior BBBs are done. Here goes with the latest and greatest:

#1. PRECUT SPECIAL: If you buy any single set of precuts (excluding the American Honor Fat Quarter bundles), you will get a second set of the same item for free.  Please note that the order still needs to meet the 5 unit order minimum and needs to ship before the end of the year i.e. November or December. The free unit does not count towards the minimum.


SUMATRA BATIK SPECIAL: If you buy 8 or more bolts of full priced Sumatra Batiks to ship before the end of the year, you will get free freight. In addition, all other items combined with this order will ship freight free.

44/45″ BASICS BLOWOUT: If you buy any 10 bolts of basics from Fusion Illusion, Primitive Basics, Splash, Starlet, Knock On Wood or Headliner, your special price will be $4.95/yard. These basics must ship before the end of the year.

PEARLIZED LINES BY MARK HORDYSZYNSKI:  Take 25 cents off per yard on any bolt of the Mark Hordyszynski ‘pearl’ lines (CrystallinePearl DotPearl Grid or Pearl Grid 108″). These must ship before the end of the year and must meet the five bolt minimum order.

#3. 108″ FABRICS: For the rest of the year, every single bolt of 108″ ordered for at once will earn a 25 cent per yard discount. The total order must still meet the 5 bolt minimum order. Therefore, the only lines that this special DOES NOT APPLY to are: Plush 108″ & Rose Toile 108″. Ask your sales reps which of the 108″ lines are still available.

We hope that you continue to take advantage of the BBBs.

Contact your Blank sales rep to place an order.
Contact customer service at 800-294-9495 x245 (Renee)
To Monthly Specials!
Your Blank Quilting Sales Team