Blank Blog Bonanza: Monthly Specials For March 2016

Dear Valued Customer,
It is that time of the month again when The Blank Quilting Corp. comes out with its newest special for March 2016.  This monthly special is 3 fold as follows, here goes:

#1.  PRECUT SPECIAL:  If you buy any 6 units (a unit is for example is one order of fat quarters which contains 4 bundles in an inner pack) of precuts, the 7th unit is FREE.  Alternatively, if you want to buy a lot more than the 6 units, you can get all those additional units at half price, but no units are free if you choose this option.  Here is where you can find all the precuts that are for sale.  Make sure to select the most expensive cuts to be free or half priced.

#2.  108″ FABRICS:  If you buy any 6 bolts of full priced 108″ wide fabrics, you can buy as many of the 108″ wide Windsor bolts for $1.50 off the regular price.  Click here to view all the 108″ wide fabrics.

#3.  44/45″ Quilting Cottons:  If you buy a full collection of 15 yard cuts only of a line that ships April 2016 or later, you will get a $.25/yard discount.  Lines that ship in April or later can be viewed here (just released) or here (shipping soon).  It gets better though!  If you buy a full collection of 15 yard cuts of a line that can ship in March, you will get a $.40/yard discount.  To see the shipping now lines go here.

Don’t forget that these specials cannot be combined with any other specials that The Blank Quilting Corp. might be running at the same time.

To those of you who placed orders that would have fallen in to these specials prior to March, thank you for your business, but we are sorry that the special can only apply to orders taken in March.  Please note that the January/February special is officially over.  We hope you continue to take advantage of the BBBs.  

To take advantage of this special offer:

If you aren’t registered to buy from the website, you should go through that process as it doesn’t take very long and once you are all set, ordering is really easy.  Please note that all the reps will have a bunch of new lines starting early May 2016. 

To Monthly Specials!
Your Blank Quilting Sales Team 

Travel Themes Make The World of Fabrics Go Round

Guest Post from Janice Pope

Travel and the dreams of getting out on the open road are common ideas of modern man and they also make for popular themes in the quilting world.  One of The Blank Quilting Corp’s new, up and coming fabric lines about travel is aptly entitled “Travel Around the World.”  The line has globes, a travel book panel, bicycles, boats, roads, planes and even hot air balloons.   

There are so many cute fabrics in this line, that I had a hard time deciding which ones to use.  There is one that has a dark blue background that shows all of the continents.  Perhaps I should use the one that just has floating globes on a dark blue background.  I really like that one too.  It is sort of like a large colorful polka-dot.  It is really cute and fun.  See it below. 


What about the stripe?  Would that be a good choice for some travel fabric?  This one also has lots of action going on.  It has ships, jets, helicopters, hot air balloons and cars.  Or perhaps you have a friend or relative who is a pilot or other airline personnel.  The one that is all sky things would be perfect for them.

This Travel Around the World fabric is really adorable and I bet you can think of someone who would enjoy having something made from it.  Delivery is in August, 2016 and that is plenty of time to get a gift for them sewn before Christmas arrives.

The other new collection inspired by traveling is Route 66, American’s favorite highway legend.  The icons on this fabric collection include a vintage motorcycle, old cars, maps and, of course, an assemblage of Route 66 signs.  Just like you see here below:

Route 66 history is still alive and an important part of our American heritage that will last for generations.  Here is a photo of a quilt I made from the Route 66 collection using the free pattern on The Blank Quilting Corp. website. I just used black instead of the red that was suggested in the pattern.  I was so inspired. 

And this tote bag too, using one of my own patterns, aptly named Traveler’s Tote.

Traveling is the best way to see the world, but make sure to bring some fabric with you for when you have some down time. Take a project along with you and sew one the road! 
Happy Trails!

Inspiration for “Rock Around The Clock” by Janice Pope (Guest Blogger)

As I mentioned in my first blog for The Blank Quilting Corp., inspiration can happen at any time!  Sometimes a designer creates a pattern and a fabric designer creates a fabric that work together perfectly without even having planned it that way.


The Blank Quilting Corp. has a really cute new retro fabric line called, “Rock Around the Clock.”  On a recent visit to Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill, I discovered they had a pattern from designer Sassafras Lane called, “Bubba Bowling Bag.”  Wouldn’t the “Rock Around The Clock” fabric be really cute made up in the Bowling Bag pattern?   


I was informed by the store management that people are making this project and carrying it as an arm purse, rather than using it as a bowling ball holder!  I mean really, how many people do you see walking around with their bowling balls these days?  The style of the purse is a flat bottom with ample interior space to carry all of your stuff.  It also requires a zipper closure.   I would love to see this pattern made up with this fabric and may actually have to make this project on my own. The fabric print is available in both grey and pink backgrounds and no doubt that it would be cute either way.


The other fabrics in this line would be fun to use too.  I especially like the black background with the restaurant signs that remind me of neon lights.  Wouldn’t it make a great border with all these colors in it?


And what poodle owner could resist the pink fabric with the silhouetted poodles?


Truly, this line of “Rock Around the Clock “ has so much potential and in my opinion it truly ROCKS!  If you are a shop owner, please make sure to purchase this line for your shop.  If you are a consumer, make sure to keep your eye out for this line or ask your local quilt shop to carry it. 


“Rock Around The Clock” has 12 SKU’s and ships starting September 2016.

Blank Blog Bonanza: Monthly Special For February 2016: New Year Cheer Special Continued

Dear Valued Customer,
Please be advised that the Blank Blog Bonanza for January 2016 has been extended to February 2016.  So please, let the NEW YEAR CHEER continue.

Here is a link to the January Blog.

To New Year’s Specials!
Your Blank Quilting Sales Team