Scott’s Snapshots 8.21.15

This past week I had lunch at the most delicious Chinese restaurant.  On the wall they had 2 very cool pieces of art like the one above.  One was of this dollar bill and the other was of Mao Zedong.  What was so cool about it was that it was comprised of this small pieces of plaster or something like that.  It looks like it took someone a very long time to put this together.  Hope this was a good week for you and made a couple bucks like the one in this photo.  Have a great weekend.  

Blank Blog Bonanza: Monthly Special For August 2015: Free Freight On At Once Orders EXTENDED


Hey Blank Quilting Fans,

The reaction to the first of the Blank Blog Bonanzas was overwhelming, so we will continue on with this exciting new promo.  (I would love to hear your unique bonanza ideas in the comments). This one is going to be called Free Freight On At Once Orders.  All you West Coasters are going to especially like this one. Here are the details:

In order to meet the requirements of this bonanza, customers must buy a minimum of 8 bolts from any of the following lines for an at once delivery only:

You can mix and match your orders however you would like, but the orders must ship in August for the Free Freight On At Once Orders to apply or as soon as we can get them shipped out of the warehouse. This promo applies to in-stock items only.  So place your order as soon as possible as some stock is limited. You will get free freight even if we are out of one or two of the skus as long as the order is in good faith for 8 bolts of skus from the list of lines above. All of these orders will be considered ship and cancel i.e. no back orders whatsoever.  

To those of you who recently placed at once orders prior to August, thank you very much for your business, but we are very sorry that the special can only apply to orders taken in August.  Please note that the July special is officially over.  We hope you continue to take advantage of the new monthly specials.  Thank you for your continued business and partnership with the Blank Quilting Corp.

To take advantage of this special offer:

If you aren’t registered to buy off of the website, you should go through that process as it doesn’t take very long and once you are all set, ordering is really easy. Keep in mind that all the reps have the new July lines, so make sure you ask to see those too.

To Free Freight AGAIN!  Cheers!

Your Blank Quilting Sales Team