Scott’s Stories: Food and Fabric? May Line Review

Good Day Blank Fans,

Regarding the food+fabric blog, I have decided that I am going to do this once a month instead of 2 times a month as I just don’t have enough material to keep up with that frequency.  Basically, I don’t go to enough interesting restaurants when I am on the road.  In addition, I am introducing my new blog title for The Blank Quilting Corp. site that will be called Scott’s Stories.  All of my Blank Quilting blogs will be under this heading like The Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive blog that I write for Studioe Fabrics.  I am not sure of the frequency of this new blog yet, but as I become more comfortable writing the blogs it will become clear.  

So today I have opted for fabric instead of food.  Shocker!  That being said, I am kind of hungry, but then again, I am always hungry.  What I would like to do is give you a quick overview or run through of the 16 new lines that The Blank Quilting Corp. is introducing at the May 2015 quilt market.  Here goes:

Avery 108″-A new line of 108″ wide fabrics.  There are 10 colors in this collection and it has a kind of burlap look.  Very simple with two colors in each print.  All of the Blank 108″s are now 60×60, so the fabric construction has improved. These come in 18 yard puts only.  Oct. ship.

Barnyard Boogie is a line that was made in house.  It is all about the animals that you see in the barn or on the farm…and frogs too.  One great feature of this line is that there is a soft book which is always one of our top sellers.  This line has 13 skus and ships in December. 

Introducing Christine Adolph who designed the lovely Cherry Blossom Love.  This line is 16 skus and ships in November.  This line features birds, flowers, hearts and butterflies that are just gorgeous.

Froggin’ Around is a 14 piece line and ships in November.  Frogs are definitely coming back in vogue. There is one version for boys and another version that is more gender neutral. The kids will love this one.

Galaxy is a new basic star pattern with metallic.  There are 10 color combinations of this line and it ships in October.  15 yard put ups only.

Garden Critters is a line for the bug lovers in your life.  Tons of bug motifs and bugs in jars.  Also, a great 36′ panel counting soft book.  We have bees for all the people in Utah too.  16 skus ships January.

Introducing Jenelle Kent of Pieces to Treasure in Australia.  Her first line for Blank is Honey Berries.  This is a completely new look for Blank and we are so excited to welcome Jenelle to the team.  This line is full of lots of grey which has been so popular of late.  This line is in a South Hampton style with a french table linen feel.  18 pieces ship in Dec.

Legacy is a new in house line.  It contains large florals, stripes, tone on tone blenders and has a home dec feel.  16 skus ship in January 2016.

Natural Treasures is a line of earthy objects and textures like rocks, grass, water, sky, etc.  It is 14 skus and ships in November.

Noah’s Ark 2 ply flannel by Gina Linn is a ton of fun.  It has a soft palette and lots of Noah’s animals. The 2 ply quality flannel is just luscious.  This line features a 36″ crib panel.  14 skus ships in Dec.

Project Dog Run is the latest and greatest from Yolanda Fundora.  This is for all the dog lovers. It features a 24″ panel as well as tossed dog prints and toys.  And, of course, we have paw prints. 11 skus ship Dec.

Route 66 is the newest from Dina Donovan.  We are going to get our kicks on Route 66!  The focal print of this line is a 24 inch motorcycle panel.  The motorcycle drivers in your life are going to love this.  Great maps, signs and old fashioned cars.  10 skus ship in January 2016.  

Symphony Suite is a follow up to the Lady Claire line that featured sewing motifs.  This however is comprised of lots of different musical motifs.  This line is 10 skus and ships in January 2016.

USA All The Way is a line to salute our soldiers around the world.  This hand painted line has some of the greatest american icons and important American monuments featured.  Quilters just can’t get enough of this look as quilters are super patriotic. 14 skus ship Jan.

Western Album II by Tana Mueller of Western Denim & Dirt.  The first line did so well that we came out with the follow up.  This line is even better than the first version in my opinion.  It features tooled leather, barbed wire, boots, animal skulls, horseshoes, gambling motifs, brands, scenics and stars.  16 skus ship in November.

Western Whites by Western Denim & Dirt.  This is a 5 piece white on white Western line to complement the Western Album series.  This line will have pigment white and it will also ship in November with Western Album II.

Watch the video below if you would like to see each collection.

That is all she wrote folks.  We are very excited about the 16 new lines. If you would like to come and see the lines in person, please email or to set up a market appointment. 

Until next time, this is my story and I am sticking to it!

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