Does Your Local Quilt Shop Have A Mascot?

Veronica Hofman-Ortega, (, guest blogger and Blank Quilting Corp and Studioe sales representative), is here today sharing several of her experiences with the wonderful mascots that can be found in quilt shops she visits. Does your local quilt shop have a mascot? If you think they don’t, ask! You might be surprised. Keep reading to see some adorable furry, and not so furry, mascots. Also learn how you can see your local quilt shop’s mascot shared on the blog and social media.


Schools have mascots. Sports teams have mascots. Remember Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam? Even breakfast cereals have mascots! So what about quilt shops? Does your local quilt shop (YLQS) have a mascot? A lot of them do.


The shop mascot garners quite the attention (and affection) from shoppers, visitors, kids, quilters and shop associates. Some mascots are four-legged furry friends [aka babies] of the shop owner, or sometimes a shop mascot can be a statue, stuffed animal or another character or lucky charm that a shop has adopted as part of its brand. These mascots have an important and often demanding job. They welcome visitors, direct shoppers to the “just arrived” fabrics and patterns, or promote an exciting new program or class the shop is offering. Sometimes, the “shop kitty” or “shop doggie” even supervises at the cutting table, assists at the checkout or stands guard over her/his favorite fabric or quilt on display.




This black-and-white sweetie is Jumper, the shop kitty at Stitchin’ Station in Lynnville, Tennessee. While I was at the shop (to snap up a couple yards from Elizabeth Isles’ exquisite new Natural Wonders collection), Jumper promptly introduced herself and decided she wanted her photo taken with this handsome Western Album quilt that Beverly McKee, the shop’s owner, made and had displayed in the shop.


Western Denim


Jack McKee, the resident long arm quilter, quilted stars, lassos and spurs on the quilt to compliment its western theme. Do you think Jumper and Jack had a tete-à-tete to discuss potential quilting designs prior to quilting? (Quite possible.)




Scrappy, a 4-foot otter, is one of the mascots at Little Blessings Quilt Shop in Crossville, Tennessee. Ask Julia Ranney, the owner, about Scrappy’s history. Dizzy Diva’s Fabric Shop in Knoxville, Tennessee, has its own little doggie-diva, Princess, who is always at the ready to announce customers.




Princess adores the Beach Party collection by Blank Quilting and also encourages donations to the Humane Society. The newest addition at Huntsville Sew and Vac in Huntsville, Alabama, is Izzy, Donna Cagle’s Yorkie who loves to romp in her shop’s spacious classroom. Other shop mascots I’ve met on my quilting travels are Maggie, Bella (who will play fetch until either you or she gets tired), Zoe, Sewphia, Rascal, a Squirrel nutcracker, and Sam the talking parrot.


Tell Us About Your Quilt Shop’s Mascot!


Whether you’re a newbie sewer, a veteran quilter, or an expert stash-enhancer who frequents her/his favorite fabric haunts—either local or when travelling—you’ve probably encountered a quilt shop mascot at one time or another. We want to see them! Whether you’re a shop frequenter or owner, send us a picture of your shop mascot. Below are the multiple ways you can share your photos.


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“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now Spring.  Check out this beautifully blossomed tree.  This is the view from my bedroom window to my neighbors property.  In a couple days, all these flowers will be gone, but the memory of them will be ingrained in my brain until next year.  Love the moment!  Have a great weekend!!” – Scott

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Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Food And/Or Fabric? The Red Iguana in Utah

I am now in my third installment of the Food+Fabric blog series and believe it or not, I am already taking suggestions.  Below was one of the restaurant suggestions that I received on the Blank Quilting Facebook page.    

Janice D.Pope I love the Red Iguana for great Mexican mole!

March 30 at 7:43am
red iguana
The suggestion comes from Janice D. Pope who happens to be one of the Blank sales reps.  Ironically, the sales rep that took me for dinner randomly selected this same spot…so that was probably a good sign that this would be a popular place.  I am definitely not a food critic yet, after only writing three reviews, but when a restaurant is packed, you know that is usually a good sign.  So we first visited Red Iguana (1) which is located at 736 W. North Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah and it was too jammed packed to even wait….I didn’t have an hour to spare.  Rumor has it that Guy Fieri, of the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, my competition (kidding), visited here in 2008 and it has been packed ever since.  The valet suggested that we go around the block to try the Red Iguana 2, the sister restaurant serving the same food, which is located at 866 W. South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah. Fortunately, the wait was a lot shorter at this location.

The Red Iguana reminded me of one of the types of not so fancy restaurants that were common in my college town of Ann Arbor. 
behind the bar
in front of the bar
Basically, the decor included your traditional Mexican colors and motifs, lots of glowing beer signs from the likes of Pacifico, Corona & Dos Equiis and streamers hanging with lights.  It was a very festive and packed place, but it was pretty much no-frills with your run of the mill tables, chairs and table covers.  I was counting on the food to make the big splash.  Fingers crossed. 

We sat down and were given menus.  I was very intrigued by what it said on the front of the menu:  Pre-Hispanic Food, Imperial Aztec Cuisine & Moctezuma’s Table….Distinctly Mexican.  Say what?  No idea what this all meant. Any ideas?  All that I know is that I didn’t want Moctezuma’s revenge which is what typically happens when you drink the not so safe water in Mexico…if you know what I mean.
Shortly thereafter, we were served chips, salsa, guacamole and cold beverages.
I found the chips and salsa to be on the saltier side, but this was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with the help of a Corona beer.  My guest had a yummy looking margarita with salt and all.  The guacamole was perfect with a great consistency, a little kick and some nice flavor.  The chips were thin and very fresh.  The salsa was a little more finely chopped than I was used to, but it was smooth and tasty nonetheless.  

Now to the main course.  This is what I got:   


Three grilled corn tortillas filled with seasoned, shredded chicken, cooked with onions, tomato sauce garnished with melted jack cheese, served with guacamole and refried beans.

— $10.99 —

As far as tacos go, these were delish.  We need a place like this where I live.  The shredded chicken was nice and tender with a flavorful tomato sauce.  I also really enjoyed the grilling on the taco shell.  The grilling made this taco a little different than any taco I had tried before.  As for the refried beans, those are not for me so I didn’t even try them.  Aside from that, I ate everything else on my plate and lived up to my clean plate club membership.    

My guest at dinner had one of the enchiladas which she said was excellent.  I didn’t try it, but she did suggest that I try the mole sauce.  Why not?  I tried a spoonful and I couldn’t agree more with Janice that the mole sauce was awesome.  What hit the spot for me was that the sauce had the perfect amount of heat.  It was just short of making me sweat which is just how I like it.   

At this point, we were both pretty full and decided to pass on dessert.  The desserts included traditional Mexican fare like flan, tres leches and fried ice cream to name a few.  Overall, I enjoyed the Red Iguana and I would definitely recommend it to people looking for a dive type Mexican restaurant with some spot on traditional Mexican cuisine at fair prices.  If you are ever in Salt Lake City looking for Mexican, check this place out. 

Have you ever been to this restaurant?  Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant?  What do you usually drink at Mexican restaurants?  What is your favorite Mexican dish?  Have you ever been to Mexico?  Tell me about it.  On my next road trip I will be visiting Greenville, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.  Let me know if you have any must visit dining spots.  Until next time.

To Food+Fabric!
Spicy Scott 

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Food And/Or Fabric?

Food + Fabric

Want to talk about bad planning?  Go figure that since starting my new food blog about restaurants that I visit while I am on the road that I haven’t been on the road since the first food blog.  I am not going to let that hold me back from writing an interesting food blog though.  I know the blog is called food and/or fabric, so I can talk about fabric, but to be honest, I am all talked out on fabric because I am always talking about that.  So I am going to pull a rabbit out of a hat and talk about a restaurant not too far from my house that is in Northport N.Y.  The restaurant is called Maroni Cuisine and it is located on 18 Woodbine Avenue.
I picked this restaurant because it is truly like no other that I have visited.  What makes it different is that you don’t really order and you don’t look at a menu (See the photo further down with the chalkboard that says menu with a big “?”).  The only thing that you order is beer or wine and that is unlimited.  They just keep bringing tons and tons of plates with all different foods….mostly Italian.  And you just take what you want.  The biggest problem for me at this restaurant is that I am allergic to all seafood and fish and they often serve a lot of that.  This is a photo of something that I can’t eat.

Another thing to mention before I talk about the food specifically is the decor.  For starters, the restaurant is small and the tables are tight. You can see from this picture how narrow this part of the restaurant is.  Just trust me though…it is so worth it.

maroni inside

The place is decorated all over with tons of memorabilia and such from the likes of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, The Doors and tons of other famous bands.  You can see some of the memorabilia in the different photos that I have included, if not, check this photo out.  


The music playing on the stereo system is also from these same musicians.  Needless to say, this is not your typical atmosphere and I absolutely love it for that. Finally, I need to tell you about the bathrooms.  They too are decorated with the same sorts of musical motifs.  In fact, I happened to have some photos of the bathroom in my phone, but unfortunately at the time of writing this blog I had technical difficulties and couldn’t upload the picture. It seems that every time I have to use the bathroom there that it blows my mind how neat and different it is….maybe it is the wine.  The tiles on the wall have album covers from many different Pink Floyd albums.  The wall paper is burgundy with circles and inside each circle is a woman’s face or an eye.  So cool!

So now let’s talk about the food.  Ironically, I have a note in my phone with a list of all the different foods that were served in one sitting on April 8, 2014.  Here goes in the order that it came out:

*Caviar on a homemade potato chip.
*Creamy lobster bisque soup in a tiny little cup.  One or two sips worth.
*T-bone lamb steaks that you could eat with your hands.
*Pork dumplings with a yummy dipping sauce.
*Green eggs and ham….basically bacon and egg hors d’oeuvres.
*Raw platter with shrimp cocktail, oysters and crab.
*Proscuitto with pesto sauce.
*Zucchini flowers stuffed with a cream cheese.
*Blue fin tuna sashimi.
*Philly cheese steaks.
*Stone crabs and shrimp.
*Sweet ribs.
*Clams oreganato.
*Osso bucco.
*Lobster on top of mashed potatoes.
*Brazilian pink shrimp.
*Chicken Milanese.
*Meatballs which were to die for.


*Spaghetti pomodoro.
*Lemon sole.
*Mini cheeseburgers and tater tots like they used to serve in elementary school.

*Grilled cheese with truffles.  This grilled cheese might give my pulled pork grilled cheese from my first blog a run for its money.

grilled cheese
*Veal parmesan.
*Lobster tacos.
And then came dessert.  This came as a platter with the following:
*Mini chipwiches.
*Chocolate pudding.
*Cheese Cake.
*Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich.
*Crème brulee.
*Toasted marshmallows on sticks.

Do you believe all that food?  Imagine how much more there would be for me if I could eat fish.  This is just an unreal experience that you definitely need to try if you are ever nearby.
Before I end, I want to mention two other things.  The head chef, Michael Maroni, has made several visits to a variety of the Food Network programs including Chopped and Throw Down with Bobby Flay.  Last, but not least, when you finish the meal, if you are still able to walk, they send you home with an enormous piece of garlic bread and a bottle of their homemade tomato sauce.  Looking forward to my next visit!


To Food & Fabric