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Sales Reps

Alabama Amy Aderman 337-366-1001
Arizona Gail Shannon 480-272-4360
Arkansas Rhonda Hatcher 405-496-8790
California Annemieke York 682-556-6335
Colorado Bobbi
Connecticut Shelley Houis 914-844-4380
Delaware John Toney 540-664-2187
Florida Brenda Buddenhagen 407-595-4696
Florida Amy Aderman 337-366-1001
Georgia Brenda Buddenhagen 407-595-4696
Georgia Janice Pope 919-624-7017
Hawaii Donna Masaniai 808-443-3127
Idaho Trina Matheson 619-370-1359
Idaho Judy Prochnow 208-337-2338
Illinois Patricia Wilser 317-508-6591
Indiana Patricia Wilser 317-508-6591
Indiana Sue Singer 740-706-9091
Iowa Patricia Wilser 317-508-6591
Iowa Gail McKay 303-809-8932
Iowa Julie Jenkins 608-225-7422
Kansas Gail McKay 303-809-8932
Kansas Bobbi McGuire 303-520-4021
Kentucky John Toney 540-664-2187
Kentucky Sue Singer 740-706-9091
Louisiana Amy Aderman 337-366-1001
Maine Sharon Vandermay 207-504-7979
Maryland John Toney 540-664-2187
Maryland Janice Pope 919-624-7017
Massachusetts Shelley Houis 914-844-4380
Massachusetts Sharon  Vandermay 207-504-7979
Michigan Alison Powley 989-701-8353
Minnesota Julie Jenkins 608-225-7422
Minnesota Kari Huber 701-870-1569
Mississippi Amy Aderman 337-366-1001
Missouri Rhonda Hatcher 405-496-8790
Missouri Gail McKay 303-809-8932
Montana Janice Ott 406-698-2144
Montana Kari Huber 701-870-1569
Nebraska Gail McKay 303-809-8932
Nevada Trina Matheson 619-370-1359
Nevada Annemieke York 682-556-6335
New Hampshire Sharon  Vandermay 207-504-7979
New Jersey Shelley Houis 914-844-4380
New Jersey John Toney 540-664-2187
New Mexico Gail Shannon 480-272-4360
New York Shelley Houis 914-844-4380
New York Lisa Sauer 412-486-7758
North Carolina Janice Pope 919-624-7017
North Dakota Kari Huber 701-870-1569
Ohio Lisa Sauer 412-486-7758
Ohio Sue Singer 740-706-9091
Oklahoma Rhonda Hatcher 405-496-8790
Oregon Annemieke York 682-556-6335
Oregon Cathy Ware 503-309-8364
Oregon Judy Prochnow 208-337-2338
Pennsylvania Lisa Sauer 412-486-7758
Pennsylvania Shelley Houis 914-844-4380
Pennsylvania John Toney 540-664-2187
Rhode Island Sharon Vandermay 207-504-7979
South Carolina Janice Pope 919-624-7017
South Carolina Brenda Buddenhagen 407-595-4696
South Dakota Janice Ott 406-698-2144
South Dakota Kari Huber 701-870-1569
Tennessee John Toney 540-664-2187
Tennessee Amy Aderman 337-366-1001
Tennessee Janice Pope 919-624-7017
Texas Debbie Saineghi 512-585-3482
Utah Trina Matheson 619-370-1359
Vermont Shelley Houis 914-844-4380
Virginia Janice Pope 919-624-7017
Virginia John Toney 540-664-2187
Washington Cathy Ware 503-309-8364
Washington Judy Prochnow 208-337-2338
West Virginia John Toney 540-664-2187
West Virginia Janice Pope 919-624-7017
West Virginia Sue Singer 740-706-9091
West Virginia Lisa Sauer 412-486-7758
Wisconsin Julie Jenkins 608-225-7422
Wyoming Janice Ott 406-698-2144
Wyoming Trina Matheson 619-370-1359

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